We are about to launch a fabulous range of therapy cd's ...all you do is e mail me with your order, send the payment and as soon as its cleared, i'll send you an mp3 download so you can start immediately, followed by the cd so that you can play it using other media methods. 

if you have an idea for a CD you'd like to see on our list - let me know... ... so far we have these but the list is ever growing... and if you suggest an idea which we use, we'll send you a free download as a thankyou.

Free positng on all CD's and a special download fee of £38.95 for immediate purchase. 

Hypnotherapy - The Facts - a cd to inform and enlighten anyone thinking of using hypnotherapy to help with issues.  A question and answer cd with a FREE relaxation for you to test how easily you can relax.  


CD format
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Be Smoke Free - a cd to help you change your bad habit ... This CD will take you through every aspect of smoking and changing your behaviour for something more useful and gives you a free bonus track relaxation too.

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Healthy Body - Healthy Mind - a cd to help clients regain control, and basically feel good about themselves.  Great for people who may be suffering with depression or eating disorders, for people who need a boost and just want to feel great and with a free relaxation track too.

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Post Operative Healing and Pain Control - A cd which does exactly what it says on the tin ! - if you're going into hospital for an operation and wary of infection or the healing time, or if you're not keen on dentists, or even if you have a constant niggling pain which wont go away, you can find releif in this cd.  This is good for arthritis sufferers and those with migraine and also contains our free relaxation track.

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Weight Control - Our full weight control course on a cd - great for busy people who need to find time for themselves but cant get to us within the usual working week. 

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Letting Go - easing you into a new stage into your life, letting go of the past, feel the future and feel good about it too.  Great for berevement and loss of a relationship.

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Ultimate Results - for our students taking exams and in their final years of eductaion.  Helps them feel good about themselves gives confidence and calming techniques for exams too.  A very positive CD which can also help with self esteem and may even assist at interviews and in making their future plans pan out.

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For the Children - A cd which helps kids to find their own way in life, to be confident and improve their study skills, a great healing cd for those with past issues which they would like to let go of and includes a lovely confidence track especialy for the children (up to age 12 - 13)

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Perfect Sleep - mmmm new bedtime strategies, this cd teaches your mind and body to relax, easing you into peaceful sleep and also includes one for the children too.. played each night can establish calm sleep patterns and so aids parents sleep too..

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Confident Me - This CD will increase your confidence, inevery situation, interviews, body confidence, Driving tests and public speaking too... with a bonus relaxation track - you'll be calm and confident in no time.

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Ditch the drink - A cd to help you to change your drinking habits into something more positive and productive.  If you truly want to change, then this is the cd for you.

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Feel the fear - if you have a fear or phobia that you want to be rid of for ever, this is yours, choose to change the fear... we will deal with every aspect of your phobia which we know may be causing you physical stress and in some cases actual sickness... go for it now.. we wont expose you to the fear but we want you to be able to test yourself ... test the results and let us know how you get on - we've had so many successes with this therapy - and its fun too.. !

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Which one will you choose ?  

Priced at just £49.99 each these actual therapy cd's will help you to change your life.. * If used in accordance with our guidelines. 

Crystal Healing

We also sell Wellbeing Crystals from our therapy rooms in Redditch so when you have your appointment, please ask to see our beautiful range of polished stones, and crystal jewellery, or buy online here

These make a lovely gift too for the special people in your life.

Orange Calcite





Black Tormoline 


Rutilated Quartz 

Citrine Quartz 

Dalmation Stione 


Blue lace Agate 




Clear Quartz 

Snowflake Obsidian 

Blue Agate 


Red Tiger Eye 

Gold Tiger Eye 



Rose Quartz 


New Therapy Rooms

Look out for our NEW and exciting therapy rooms in Birmingham - coming soon........we are always being asked if we can come to our clients house, and the answer is yes of course, but we think therapy works even better if the client can come to us, so we're sourcing fabulous office space in order to provide local therapy for our Birmingham Clients.