Here you'll find the answers to the most common questions I get asked.  Questions that people ask me when they ring or come along for their sessions which you may find useful.

Can anyone be hypnotised? - Yes - afterall hypnosis is jut a focussed state of attention, brought about by deep relaxation.  Once clients are taught how to relax well, then hypnosis for them is easy. 

Do you take control of my mind? - No - absolutely not.  Any hypnotist (even the ones who perform stage shows) cant take control of your mind and make you do things you dont want to - unless your moral code and ethics would normally allow for you to behave as the hypnotist is asking, being the life and soul of the party enables you to be more open to suggestion and more up for going along with the stage hypnotists antics. 

Does hypnosis always work?  - No.  sometimes the client may not be ready to deal with the issue they are coming for, maybe because a well meaning relative is 'helping' them by making them go through it they think it will work anyway. 

How does hypnosis work? - Therapy works only when the client is ready.  I normally would suggest that if the client is fed up enough of whats happening and is ready to change the negative behaviour for ever, then it is easy for them to change.  It is the client's responsibility to take on the suggestions I am able to give them during therapy.  I can not be held responsible for the client not taking on those suggestions or following the instructions they are given.