Are you at your wits end?    

Are you a mum or dad of someone who is anorexic and feel helpless?   

Are you about to be sent to the hosipital for yet another weigh in - do you feel like screaming for people to leave you alone ?

Are you fed up of the struggle between what you know in your mind to be right and yet you cant stop the behaviour ? 

Are you angry with yourself at being unable to change ?

Are you fed up enough yet ?

Call me - I can help resolve the issues which causes the symptoms you are having,  I have had lots of experience helping people in your position and lots of happy and fantastic success too.. I have helped many people overcome their eating disorders... both male and female clients have been successful in overcoming issues which they can't quite put their finger on, but know something is not right... so if you want to start living your life now....

just call me on

07980 390298 or 01527 523919

Evening appointments are available for clients who really want to get their lives back on track and feel confident again and we can start within the next few days.

Client G. - a young girl brought by her mum, about to leave upper school and go to Univercity said after about 8 -9 sessions (I've added the dots where she goes off to tell me more about what she's been doing)

Wow I felt so different...even after the first week. it was great taking little steps towards my goal.... I could feel that changes were being made and yet couldnt quite tell you what they were... each week was different and I felt in control for the first time too... Your clients have to know how good you are at this Helen, you should be on the NHS! you allowed me to choose how and what we talked about and that was great....about what was affecting me and I took notes in to remind me of things that I wanted to talk about, mostly the notes were about things that had changed and were brilliant, and things that took me by surprise in a nice way though ! I was really happy with the way we dealt with little pieces of the whole issue, breaking it down, and making it easy to make the changes, she suggests different ways to deal with them and we did do some hypnosis, which was lovely, I especially liked that bit, and NLP too, not sure how it works but it does!  you are a very tallented lady and completely brilliant.  I never would have thought that you could make such a difference to my life and my family too.. Mum and dad dont worry any more...I just felt ok with myself for the first time in ages...its like normal life ... it feels great.     Thanks so much ....Im off to Japan soon i think (fingers crossed anyway)... hope to catchup soon....Lots of love G ....  (a few months later - I spoke to G's mum, and she was off touring Japan with a rock band that she was with.. (she didnt tell me that she'd auditioned and was now playing bass guitar and the band were supporting some of the top heavy rock stars !! )  WOW !