Are you fed up of smelling like an ash tray.....fed up of having your clothes smell or your house... fed up of just not being able to shake off that cold ..... fed up of being out of breath if you climb your stairs... has the doctor told you to give up and you just CANT .......

Sounds like you might be FED UP ENOUGH ...isnt it about time you made it easy on yourself..?  give me a call Now ...

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Is NOW the right time to stop smoking for you?

I'm just wondering what it would take for you to say YES? say it to yourself now, 'yes I want to stop smoking' say it a few times in your head... how does that feel? is there a little voice in your head saying No or maybe its saying 'Yes but...' ?

Is it the 'yes but part' that's stopping you? 

Is it this 'Yes but' part that makes sure you carry on smoking? Maybe it says...'Yes but if you do stop you'll put on weight..' or 'Yes but you wont get any me time, when you dont go out for a ciggie' It is this part that keeps you smoking.. call it your willpower if you like... this Will Power is very often what people say they need to give up.. but actually its the power of your unconsious behaviour that keeps you doing what you do and in this case its smoking... Your unconsious mind looks after all the habits and all the things we do because we've always done them including necessary functions of the body like your skin replenishing, and your nails growing. This Will Power which keeps you smoking putting it simplistically, just needs changing to do something a bit more useful ... If you really do want to stop smoking, and keep thinking about it, this voice of the smoking part (Will Power) will get louder and louder and posibly more resistant, as your consious mind wants to stop and it needs to keep you smoking.  Just call and we can get you onto the road to changing your mind.  Many people are put off stopping smoking because they think they will put on weight - NOT true ! 

If your mind is panicking now at the thought of stopping and if you're consious mind isnt strong enough to overide it on your own.. then now is the time to call me.  I want you to know that you can change whats happening in your mind very easily.. You can utilise our services anytime, daytime, or evening, and I'd also like to let you know that the part that keeps you doing the smoking can change easily too, and that sometimes, its healthier for you to face your health needs and requirements with some external help to get your unconsious mind back on track.  You're in control and will choose for yourself when you want to stop.

Just call me if you need more help in doing that, its like i always say...we are great at changing their minds.. and afterall.. thats all you're're just using a little external help. 

Call that number now ... 01527 523919